June 21, 2007

Distinguish yourself from the herd

I recently came across a PDF titled "25 ways to distinguish yourself - by Rajesh Setty" on the web. I gave it a quick read, and jotted one-liner notes for each of the 25 points. Just wana share these notes with you...

Why? Being part of the commodity crowd erodes your value. If you need to leapfrog and succeed beyond dreams, continuing to do whatever you have done in the past may not be the answer. You need to distinguish yourself!

Not all will/can have the following qualities... So, you acquire them and differ from the rest!

1. Care as if its your own
You may just be an employee, but you care no less than your boss!

2. Do your daily work with passion
Love what you do, and Do what you love with extreme energy.

3. Build strong social relationships
Trust is the key factor in a relationship.

4. Dream Big
Your effort will follow your dreams

5. Set the right expectations
Actions should outgrow the words (Under-promise and Over-deliver)

6. Ask for help
Throw away ego, and gain the freedom of the skies

7. Celebrate small victories
Each celebration induces a feel-good factor that is crucial for self-confidence

8. Set higher standards
Compete with your higher self, and challenge your limits.

9. Know your values
Prioritize your values, and live by it! Living life by principles is the only difference between a man and a beast

10. Pursue right memberships
Become a part of right social groups (Satsang), and they will payoff big time.

11. Help people help themselves
Tell your people how to do, rather than doing it for them. Teach entrepreneurship!

12. Be a Reader (Learner)
Learning is a never ending journey that should never stop/slow-down with age.

13. Plan
Have a Plan-B beside Plan-A for every crucial action/decision of yours.

14. Think Long-Term
Be aware of your destiny during your entire path.

15. Embrace uncertainty with ease
Keep moving on... Never get bogged down with surprises & failures.

16. Ask yourself the right questions (introspection).
The answers you get on contemplation will set right the course of your action.

17. Engage with a couch
Sometimes we need a guru to show us the way for reaching the destiny.

18. Be relevant
Your comments, feedback, words & actions will be taken seriously only when others believe in your relevancy.

19. Get back on your feet fast
(Similar to Pt.15)

20. Lead a volunteer effort
This brings out the leader in you, and for a good cause. Your service will be rewarded!

21. Balance Innovation & Continuous Improvement
Whenever an innovation project succeeds, the next immediate step would be to put that project on a 'continuous improvement' road-map.

22. Learn to sell
Let the world know about whatever good stuff you have.

23. Learn Systems thinking
Learn to work in teams

24. Walk away from free
(Does not make sense)

25. Influence the influencer
Deal with the main person in charge, and do not get stuck with middle men.

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