May 06, 2007

The making of Saywit

Below is brief story on how Saywit was made...

Several months ago, I was pondering on what kind of a web2.0 application to create. I wanted to stay away from the "Me-Too" model of existence, and provide a substantial value to my users.

While having this in mind, I came across a few interesting blog posts related to Creativity on Lifehack. The following points were key to the forming of the base idea.
# Become a whole-brain thinker.
# The final tool for developing your creativity is imaginary dialogue.

These articles essentially answered my question "What value should I provide to my users?". Also inspired from the humor & wit filled posts at Ouch-My-Toe, I decided the central theme of my webapp would be to share the wit and creativity in people.

I did more research, and short-listed 6 channels. This concept is much different from Q&A sites whose focus is on knowledge (not creativity). This is sure refreshing and vitalizing!

Having got the business plan laid out, its now all about implementation. OpenId came to my rescue in providing an easy way for users to login and interact. I used Spring framework and Hibernate along with MySql to build the application.

The site incorporates several web2.0 concepts like REST-API, Widgets, RSS-feeds and Tags. After several months of hard-work on weekends all by myself, it was finally good to go. I formally launched Saywit on May 5, 2007 (my mom's birthday).

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