December 09, 2005

Company Dinner

The R&D dept at Intervoice sponsored a dinner tonight for announcing the quarterly results and developments made this academic year. The head of the dept also announced the list of promotions in this year 2005. There were a total of 19 promotions... and the quarterly results looked fairly good.

What excited me is that my name was mentioned while listing all the promotions. I was promoted from Co-op position to Engineer-1 position starting Dec 10. Anyways... I am very happy and excited abt it. I had dinner with many of my collegues including Gopal Kesavan.

After the dinner, we had a casino-night organized. Here, we play with fake money and there are 4 prizes for the top 4 winners. We played for nearly an hour and a half... and surprisingly, I am the 4th prize winner. I got a $100 gift card that can be redeemed at Best-Buy stores. It was a wonderful night...

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