June 14, 2005


Well... This summer is turning out to be a great one. Last weekend (June 11 & 12), my friends and I had an adventure trip to Arkansas. Hey! This state is famous for its outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, trekking, boating, etc. We had every kind of fun here...

On Friday night at 10:00 pm, we started our drive to the best known and largest cave in Arkansas (Blanchard spring caverns). It takes nearly nearly 8 hours of non-stop road drive from Dallas. Then, we visited Hotsprings on our way back to Dallas.

The highways of Arkansas are fenced by huge and dense trees. I found greenery everywhere... The Nature beautic scenes gave a feast for my eyes. A lot of hiking and trekking were done in this trip. We were six of us, and the fun we had was infinite.

It was a great experience in exploring the interiors of the forests, driving on the clean & green highways, climbing up the steep rocks, and getting closer to the waterfalls. We had a grand finale to the trip... Guess what? We had a ride on the ski jet (water scooter). It was a thrilling first-time experience involving a small portion of fear-factor too.

We came back home at 10:00 pm on Sunday. We had an awesome and a memorable trip that weekend.