September 17, 2003


It was the first time for me to enter a CAREER FAIR. I had with me few copies of my resume in my backpack. The fair was held at the Activity centre of UTD. The entry process was pretty simple. I just had to register my name and show up my univ ID to enter the hall. The officials then handed to me a few papers which contained information about the companies which had its participation in the fair. This set of papers was the key for me to know more about each company and its contact info.

At the fair, there were nearly 50 companies.... and out of them, I could spot out 2 famous well known ones. Each company had its desk and separators inbetween one another. It was more like an exhibition in Madras. I handed over my resume to many of the company officials and enquired abt the internship programs and CO-OPS. I spent nearly 2 hrs in the hall and felt it worthy.... Finally, i went home carrying a lot of brochures and free stuff ...