July 06, 2009

Impromptu trip to Atlanta

On the second long-weekend (July 4) that got on my way after marriage, I tried for tickets to SanFransisco... but no luck this time too. Quickly checking the flight scenario to Atlanta, I found one that leaves Dallas in other 45 mins. Preets and I hurried to the gate located a few yards away. I called and spoke to my co-brother who lives in Atlanta to surprise him of our arrival.

On reaching Atlanta, we reserved a room at Sheraton and got into a convertible sports car (MBushi Eclipse). It took a few mins for me to get used to the car and its comfort. We spent the rest of friday doin nothing at the hotel... and had pizza for dinner.

The fun started on the next day (Saturday - July 4) when Mahesh accompanied us for sight-seeing in Atlanta. The famous attractions including "Coca Cola Museum" and the Aquarium are located in the downtown. Its refreshing at the Coke museum, where we got to taste sodas from around the world. I loved the emphasis of Coke on the Happiness aspect of life more than anything else. Watched a 4D film, imbibed free drinks, and glanced at a few Coke commercials. Its a very nice experience... and we all enjoyed it!!

Then, we walked to the aquarium in the next block. It is supposedly the largest aquarium in USA... and it is maintained by HomeDepot. Its fantastic!!! Preets being a fan of aquatic life, loved it very much. I was equally excited by the ambience and the feel of living in the middle of the ocean :)

We finished the day with some shopping in a mall, and dinner at ChowBaby. The next day (July 5), we visited the BAPS SwamiNarayan temple - once again the largest in USA. The interiors were simply superb, and we had enough time to experience the serenity in the temple. After our lunch, we had a lovely ride to the airport in a topless car on a cloudy day. We got into the flight.. and reached dallas safely. Our impromptu trip to Atlanta turned out very good :)

Hotel - Sheraton Gateway
Dates: July 3 - July 5, 2009
Airlines: American

Places of Interest:
Coke Museum
Swami Narayan temple (BAPS)
Shopping @ mall