May 05, 2009

Loving my new LIFE!!!

Lost all my free time.. lazy-nap moments, and my stay-idle minutes!!! Well... thats coz I got MARRIED ;) The previously wasteful minutes are now filled with entertaining and romantic moments. No wonder I did'nt update my blog for a while... forget about uploading my wedding pics. I am loving my new post-marriage life :) Btw, its my first month!

My wedding with Preethi went on very well as planned on April 9 in Chennai (India). Thanks to all my friends, relatives and well-wishers! My wife and I had a quick temple-tour in that week.

Following that was a week-long trip to the island of Mauritius for honeymoon. This island is just superb... and a perfect destination for honeymooners!! We had a lovely weather which compliments the luxuries of a 5-star resort where we stayed. Sooo many memorable moments that we had together... the water-sport activities, stroll by the beach, drive thru the sugarcane-plantations and getting wet in the rain while holding hands...

We went back and stayed in India for my third week. On April 27, my wife and I returned to USA. She loved my appartment, the location and this country too. She's been a great wife to me... and I feel sooo lucky for having married her :)


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